Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Momment by momment

You know how there are those seasons of your life where you are sailing along in a way that affords you the luxury of rising above life a bit, looking forward, setting goals and having some vision? Those are good momments...we are not in one of those kind of momments. Right now some momments truly are as hard as we thought they might be, others bring some joy, but EVERY momment is intenesly demanding. That kind of demanding where you realized you just wiped the 6th backside in a span of 10 minutes (no exaggeration), or your staving at 10am and realized you never ate, or you fear your back is permanently out after the 10th round of "horsey" or "mommy cat" or whatever it is your on the floor playing, or your son elbows you every 3 seconds during his "story" at bedtime because you keep nodding off (at 8:30), or your personal space is so constantly invaded that your like Clovis on Apple Dumbling Gang, or the emotional needs of those little ones leaves you feeling at night like you didn't do anyone of them any justice. And yet in that "in the momment" kind of season, there is the still small voice (very quiet sometimes over the din roar) that reminds you that indeed what you do today (from the kissing of the owie to changing of the diaper) really does indeed last for eternity, and for a fraction of a second, you rise above it all and hear God chearing you on.

I love you Lord, thank you for helping me "rise above" this week and regain my perspective. How desperately I need you.

The "snow clothes" picture below is a good example of what I talked about above. It was an act of love (and a 20 minute workout) to get every dressed to go out and play in the snow today. I never would have guessed what fun all 4 (and myself) would have sledding. I love watching Asher and Faith getting to experience all their "firsts".

We still need your prayers. Thank you.

Truck races

A princess and a puppy

Don't let it fool you...they aggravate each other to know end:)

Snow clothes...sigh...

Seth and Faith