Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting Ready!

 We head out for the second trip a week from today! We have spent this time between trips preparing for the arrival of Asher and Faith. Learning a bit more Russian (I've got "I love you" down now, thanks Anna), putting cribs up, getting extra dressers, digging out the smaller clothes, getting the rooms ready. This part seems to have helped make it all much more real for Seth and Grace. They spent literal hours this week playing, "Going to Russia' with Paul and I's suitcases. They would pass by me with an enthusiastic wave and a, "Bye Mom! We are going to Russia to get Asher and Faith!".

We fly out on Sep. 21st. Our court date is on Tuesday, September 27th. While you all are sleeping on Monday night (Sept 26th), we will be in court. So if the Lord wakes any of you from your sleep that night, pray for us! Please pray that all paperwork is acceptable and that God grants us favor with the judge and we pass court with flying colors. We would also appreciate your prayers for all 4 kids again for comfort and peace during all the seperations and transition. Also, that the many plane rides and travel would all go smooth. Thank you!


  1. We are certainly praying for you, Amber. The children look so much like Grace and Seth. What a wonderful family you have.

    Love, Cheryl and Bill