Thursday, September 29, 2011

Home again!

Court day...with a few borrowed clothes and a few new ones. Thanks Loomans!

The Looman family...amazing people

The intense football game Paul and Tim had with the boys

The munchies

Counting down the days until we are home with them for good...17

We made it home safe and sound this morning at about 2:30am. Another 8 airplane/10airport trip without any hiccups, just sore, tired bodies. Thanks again to God for His grace.We are so happy to see Seth and Grace but now more than ever feeling like part of the family is missing. I will be climbing back on the airplane with my mom this time on Wednesday to return for the trip to bring them home for good:). Our last visit with them was the best yet. They both recognized us from the first trip and their little faces and personalities came more alive with each visit.

Our luggage still has not arrived where is should be...last reported in Uzbekistan...but we survived in the same pair of clothes all week and God made sure everything we absolutely had to have was with us in our carry on bags so it all worked out. Thanks again for all your prayers and please keep them coming for all of us. Seth was very sad tonight when he realized I had to go again next week....we are all ready to be done...

One final comment...I love America....
if we only remembered the blessing we live under...

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