Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Today we spent our first full day in Moscow. We arrived very late last night after a horrible plane ride from Krasnoyarsk. If they could have, the people around us would have thrown us out without parachutes. As I feared it would be, navigating the Russian airports with two exhausted, sickly, scared and overwhelmed children was anything but fun...miserable best describes it and probably one of the most stressful parts of the whole process. My biggest fear however was that somehow at the airport in Krasnoyarsk, they would say there was a mistake and that we all had to stay... so I was relieved when that airplane lifted off the ground. The next five hours were spent with the two kids tag teaming whose turn it was to scream. I had been telling myself that however miserable it was, it was only a few hours of my life...that leg is over now...praise God and we are one step closer to home.

Today Asher woke up feeling miraculously better. He has his spunk and energy back and at his doctors appointment (a whole other story for a different time), the doctor said he looked good. Both the kids have rickets from lack of sunshine and exercise, something we are happy to fix when we get home:). The kids did great this afternoon and evening. They adjusted much quicker this time to a new place and both are bonding well with mommy....they like Babuska (grandma) too. We are still managing to get around with my limited Russian vocabulary and my steller charades skills. Thanks to Google translator (and Anna and my sister) I am managing to communicate fairly well with Faith too. She's a sharp little lady...I'm sure she wants to roll her eyes at her mommy's mis-pronunciations but she doesn't seem to mind. What a sweetie.

Tomorrow we head to the US embassy for Visas, then we may have some time for sight seeing if its not raining (the forcast is not looking good though). Friday we do consulate registration and Saturday morning we head for home...sigh...

I know I thank you every time but truly I feel your prayers encouraging me and keeping me sane (I'm sure my mom and Paul would say the same). Thank you for being so faithful to pray for our family. Thanking God for being our ultimate source of strength, peace and light on this journey...and thanking Him for you.


  1. Okay, well we are glad you are in Moscow. We have been praying fiercely. Yesterday I found two more cups for my new kiddos. So when you come to visit each one has their own cup. We are all looking forward to them being a part of our lives. There is a great children's book about babuska(grandma) -- I will have to track it down. We love you all and you remain in our prayers. Love Papa and Nana K.

  2. Praying for you Amber...what a wild ride!!! Hang in there...almost home. Love ya...jill

  3. Ha ha! Your mom is not exactly what comes to mind when I think of a babushka! The Lord bless you and keep you and make is face shine upon you and give you peace. What a beautiful thing to see those two babies chosen specifically for your family. I'm sorry for the miserable travel and I'm sure the prayers are needed for the spiritual oppression. I know it is worth it though. Two less orphans in the world... what a beautiful thought.
    I love you!