Thursday, October 6, 2011

Trip three

We (my mom and I) arrived safely back in Krasnoyarsk again this morning. I think my body is in some sort of state of utter confusion about whether it should be awake, asleep, hungery, etc. We had a delay in Frankfurt and then sat on the runway for an hour before we could take off but we still were able to make our connection in Moscow. When we arrived here so did all our luggage and the two "lost" suitcases from the last trip (which were said to have arrived last Saturday) actually showed up just yesterday...with everything in them:). We picked them up with no problems too. The best news of all however is that we found out after arriving that it looks like we will get to get the kids out of the orphanage tomorrow instead of on Monday!!! I am so excited! Tomorrow is our Gotcha Day!

Prayer Requests:
Please pray that the kids would not be traumatized by the sudden changes on every level that they are about to experience, that God would give mom and I the energy we are currently lacking to do all we will need to do this next week to get us all home, that all final paperwork for the kids would come through on time with no glitches (birth cert, passports, visas), that God would hold the rest of my family (Paul, Seth, Grace) at home safe and sound and that He would prepare each of our hearts for the transitions ahead.

Your prayers have made a huge difference for us all in this process. There are times when I wonder why I am so calm, or why I have the energy I shouldn't have at that momment and God is faithful to remind me of all of you who are so faithful to pray for us. Thank you!

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  1. Of course we will all be praying. This is so exciting for you and your mom too. Leaning into the Father so that He can show you how He brings you peace of mind that is beyond all understanding. He knew Faith and Asher before their time and He has plans for them. How exciting to watch that all come together. You are all in our hearts and minds and thoughts. Love you.