Monday, October 10, 2011


We are hanging in there. Sitting around with not much to do but wait for paperwork is a killer when you want to be home so bad. One more day here in Krasnoyarsk after today and then at least we get to head in the direction of home. We will fly to Moscow tomorrow night and spend wed-fri getting the kids visas and having their doctor's appointment to clear them for the trip. So please, please pray that Asher gets better and passes the doctors appointment ok. He was up half the night last night with what we think is now an ear infection and he has a rash on his face too (probably excema from food, or meds, or air outside or new linens and clothes washed in new soaps). Poor baby, he is having a hard time with the "real world" too. He gets so very scared and overwhelmed every time we go outside and he is terrified of the elevator (that we have to use, no stairs that we've found and we are on the 10th floor). That and a possible ear infection could make the travel very hard. Please pray for us all and that he would get better quickly.

We went out on a walk today, thought we would try to make it to the footbridge. We made it but had to turn right around. Faith kept telling me something that I was afraid might mean she needed to go potty and Asher was getting upset. We had to make an emergency stop off at a KFC on the way back for chicken and fries so they weren't both screaming in the stroller the rest of the way. The doors into KFC looked like elevator doors and Asher was so terrified of the place that I had to wait outside with him while mom and Faith got food. As they always seem too, french fries made it all better and we made it home in one piece.

Your comments and posts are very encouraging to me, thank you all so much for your prayers for us and please keep them up. Here are some pictures!


  1. Hydrogen peroxide in the ear in the BEST for ear infections! I had tons of problems with them when I was a kid. It was the only thing that worked, and worked immediately!

  2. They are cuties! Hang in there, you're family is almost home!

  3. We had Paul and munchkins here yesterday and we said we couldn't wait to have a Sunday with you both and all 4 children!!! What a great day that will be. God has you in the palm of His hand. Give your mother a big hug for us. Both of you are very inspiring to all of us here, watching God giving both of you the strength and courage to do this most amazing journey that God planned for all 4 of you before any of you were born. Now He is bringing it to fruition and He is in the midst of you all and the journey. Exciting times Amber!! :) Holding all of you in our hearts and thouhgts and prayers. Papa and Seth took a tractor ride and Grace entertained us!! :) I am decorating 4 lamps for the bedrooms. Love ya, Nana K.

  4. So awesome to see your beautiful children, Amber! We are continuing to pray for your family.