Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day Two...

Pictures of the orphanage
 We left early this morning for our second visit to the orphanage. We had a bit more time with them today which was good. Asher is a wild man! Lots of energy and personality. Faith has a beautiful smile and is very bright. By the end of the visit. She was pointing to each of us in the picture album I had made her and was saying, Mama, Papa, Seth and Grace (and sistra which is sister in Russian) to the appropriate person. She also started saying "ball" and spent lots of time throwing a red ball with Paul. We are getting to submit our court papers tomorrow and so by Thursday morning we should know when we will be returning to bring them home. We don't get to go see them tomorrow which we are bummed about...we have paperwork here in Krasnoyarsk that we have to do. We will probably have some time to go to the market and do some shopping and more sightseeing. Please continue to lift up Seth and Grace as we are away and all are missing each other much. Thank you again for all your prayers!


  1. Yesterday John and I talked about how we had to leave Becky twice before we could bring her home. Our hearts are right there with you both. But God is so amazing. So amazing and He is in the already. No time limits with our God. No time. That is why the scriptures say "Lean not on your own understanding" -- He is so faithful and so full of good plans. We love you guys. Thanks for sharing your amazing journey. Love Nana and Papa K. :)

  2. This is just awesome! Thank you for sharing your journey. We are so excited for you and praying for a safe return. Enjoy your day together as you count it all joy...