Thursday, August 25, 2011


We headed back to Kansk this morning for our last visit this trip. Some of you must definately be praying for me not to get car sick because that fact that I havn't is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you (Sarah, I know you have). We had a great time again with the kids. When we got there today, Asher came at me at a dead run and threw himself into my arms...that melts a mommy's heart. We got out playdough today. Faith was not impressed with how it felt and Asher of course wanted to eat it:). We also got to take them outside. Asher immediately wanted in a stroller and as soon as the buggy started to rock him, he stuck his thumb in his mouth. I think both my boys are going to be thumb suckers:). They both LOVE to swing! We did find out this morning that our court date is Sept 27th!!! That means we will be heading back here by Sept 21st...less than 4 weeks! So grateful God has worked out those details. The judge is already asking for a couple more documents so please pray those get completed quickly and that all goes well and smooth with court. We fly home tomorrow morning. One of our connections is Washington DC and it sounds like that could be tricky with the earthquake and hurricane. Please pray all goes smooth and that we make all our connections. We appreciate you all!!!


  1. What a blessing to get your court date so soon! Glad you took your paperwork with you! :) Blessings to you as you travel!

  2. God is good!!! So happy for you guys :) Can't wait to meet the new little ones! Love you guys and pray that the trip home is a safe one.

  3. I will be thinking of you on the flight home. So wonderful that you have this great connection going. Hurray for no car sickness!